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Cerebral palsy is not a sentence. 4

Dnipropetrovsk region. Started 12.2.2019

Small, unruly arms and legs, a kind face and the depths of the ocean in her eyes… It’s impossible to pass by Katja and not inquire about her fate, not smile back. But when you realize that this child has got into trouble, the smile fades away. Katia struggles for her health, for small steps on the road to recovery from birth.

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Important small steps. 2

Kiev. Started 4.12.2018

Little Sasha was born prematurely by cesarean. The girl was rescued in intensive care, immediately sent to the ventilator. So passed the first two and a half months of life girl. The girl and mother were discharged home, but when Sasha was 9 months old, the family was stunned: in the daughter of cerebral palsy. 

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He is an insulin-dependent

Zaporizhia region. Started 21.11.2018

Vania got diabetes when he was 5 years old. He had great thirst, then prolonged vomiting. Doctors treated the poisoning, but the kid quickly lost weight and weakened. After a full examination, Vania was diagnosed with diabetes. Since there is no children's endocrinologist in his small town, his mother had to take the child to OKHMATDYT. There, Vania was helped a lot: they removed acetone from the body, picked up insulin doses.

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Difficult way to recovery. 2

Odessa region. Started 12.3.2019

Dear donor! You have already provided help to Vityusha Porokhovy, a child with disabilities who, as a result of asphyxiation at birth, experienced a hemorrhage in the brain, brain edema, was in the intensive care unit for intensive care for newborns on a ventilator for a month. He was diagnosed with encephalopathy, and later with internal hydrocephalus. 

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Recognize the diagnosis

Dnipropetrovsk region . Started 22.3.2019

Recognizing the diagnosis is the path to this is long and difficult if we are talking about orphan (a rare) disease. Without a diagnosis, it is impossible to prescribe a treatment that will deal not only with the symptoms but with the cause of the disease. For 7 years, doctors have not been able to determine what is the root of the ills of 7-year-old Andrii: developmental delays, problems with blood vessels, joints, and heart. To confirm the diagnosis, you need an expensive laboratory test in Germany. 

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False Mirror

Rivne region. Started 14.2.2019

A young girl looks in the mirror and freezes all inside. What she sees there scares her, leads to despair. This is a mistake! Nature was mistaken when played puzzles with her genetic code. Giant facial features, the curvature of the spine, spots on the skin... A rare Albright's syndrome distorts not only the appearance but also the life of the 24-year-old Victoria Komar from the village of Mokvin. 

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Let's give Svitlana a chance to recover!

Rivne region. Started 10.4.2019

There were tons of joy and happiness when the Melnikov family gave birth to the twin girls: two wonderful daughters Tetiana and Svitlanka. But something went wrong, and after the cesarean section, Svitlanka was taken to the resuscitation department of the maternity clinic. The week in convulsions... Doctors only shrug their shoulders! They said that we had to accept that the child would never be like her sister. However, her mother did not want to put up with it. And she continued looking for opportunities to cure Svitlana of such condition. When the daughter was transferred to the regional hospital, the convulsions stopped, the child began to breathe on her own and recover. 

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Anton's Stremovsky healing marathon

Kiev. Started 14.5.2019

My name is Anton Stremovsky. I’m working as a programmer and for several years I’m fond of running. I have three half-marathons, several "ten" and many-many "fives" behind. This April I ran my first charitable half-marathon. I ran 21 km in Kyiv Half Marathon 2019 to help kids with cerebral palsy. 

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I believe that cancer will recede! 4

Sumy region. Started 17.5.2019

Last year Nastia Yaroshenko completed the main treatment. Two years ago, in March 2017, doctors discovered the girl's nephroblastoma. Nastia was then operated on, removing the tumor along with the kidney. Behind left numerous courses of chemotherapy, to which the girl's body reacted with low tests, weakness, and poor well-being... But still she was unable to achieve remission and Nastia was discharged home. 

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Step by step to mental development!

Dnipro. Started 14.5.2019

Denys is 7 years old, this is the time when mothers take their children to the first grade. And every morning Denys’s mother takes her son to classes with a psychologist, a pathologist, a speech therapist. Severe metabolic disorders, organic damage to the central nervous system – indifferent medical terms are recalled from my mother in the soul by the verdict of an unknown judge. Contrary to all diagnoses, Denyska is growing and developing, but in addition to training with specialists, he also needs expensive medicines. Now Denys needs our help with you to take a course of Cerebrocurin. 

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