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I run for the sake of orphans. Oleksandr Kobzar


started 22.3.2018

Project is realized by
CO "Home of Happy Children"

The actor of theater and cinema Oleksandr Kobzar this year first will take part in Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon on April, 22, to support ward Center of help children "City of happy children". Children which live now in Center dream about a new bus, in fact, it so merrily and interestingly to visit new places, be always afoot and to cognize the world.

In the Center there live boys and girls who were taken from disadvantaged families, these are children who suffered from parental negligence, indifference, and violence. The main task of the Center is to provide comfortable and safe conditions for the life of every child, as well as provide high-quality psychological, medical and pedagogical rehabilitation.

Today one of the biggest needs of the center is the acquisition of a new bus, without which it is very difficult to plan leisure, health improvement, and also the transfer of children to educational institutions. Oleksandr Kobzar supports the kids from the "City of Happy Children" on April 22 at Nova Poshta Kyiv Half Marathon. We believe that the dream of kids will come true!

Thanks to this project, we will collect part of the funds in the framework of the project

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Допоможи, Господи!

Сума: 101.83 грн.
Дата: April 28, 2018, 4:57 p.m.

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Descriptive project report

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