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Save life to premature babies. Kiev

Kiev. Started 1.4.2019

Every 15th baby in the country is born ahead of time. Even term babies often force their parents to worry a lot about their health. What can we say about those babies that rushed to "come out" ahead of time. Premature babies are the most vulnerable, depending on the professionalism of doctors and hospital equipment, babies. Their whole life depends on medical equipment. And because of the underfinancing of hospitals, doctors simply have their hands tied and they cannot save the lives of children. The goal of our project is to help premature babies survive! 

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000 014 109 UAH

The boy who dreams of growing up

Khmelnytskyi region. Started 8.2.2019

Vitalik was a big strong baby when he was born – he weighed about 10 pounds – but within the first few days of his life, he started getting sick. Ahead of him were many weeks spent in intensive care units, choking and coughing till he turned blue... The doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him but kept trying, and he finally got diagnosed with cystic fibrosis by the time he was nine months old. "We have been fighting this illness for 10 years now. I don't want my child to die! He hasn't even been able to see much of life besides hospitals, medications, and IVs. Every day, we fight for his life, for every breath of air. Every single day my son has to do nine nebulizer treatments and take handfuls of medications. And when his oxygen saturation drops too low, he has to lie down and hook up his oxygen. All of Vitalik's young life is taken up by medications and hospitals. And paying for all this takes a lot of money, and we always come up short," Vitalik's mother writes to us, hoping for our help. 

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000 016 078 UAH

Help the home for orphans. 5

Kiev. Started 1.2.2019

The Center for Helping Children "The Home of Happy Children" is a unique place where children who were abandoned by their parents, who were taken away from the parents of alcoholics and drug addicts who were just on the street, are being rescued. And now he urgently needs help. The center exists only for charitable funds of caring people and we ask you to support the children! 

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000 016 390 UAH

Maksym's life is stronger than death

Kiev. Started 3.4.2019

Maksym's life began with clinical death. Only after two attempts by doctors to bring the child back to life, his little heart began to beat. After all, life is stronger than death. Month Maksym was in intensive care, was on the ventilator (artificial respiration). As it turned out, during birth, the boy had a brain hemorrhage, which caused hydrocephalus. 

Сплатити Need 24 000 UAH
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000 017 194 UAH

Easter in the hospital

Kiev. Started 15.4.2019

Easter is a holiday of victory of good over evil. So, the kids who are now at the hospitals are fighting against the insidious disease for their lives. Treatment is not interrupted on holidays, and not everyone can go home. Traditionally, each family prepares an Easter basket and a delicious table. One cannot do it in the hospital, and the families have other issues to take care of. However, it would be great to create an atmosphere of a bright holiday in each patient’s room for these days! 

Сплатити Need 20 000 UAH
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000 017 669 UAH

Save the Smolenko Vira's heart!

Poltava region. Started 19.4.2019

Little Verochka from Kremenchuk needs urgent heart surgery! The child has a congenital heart disease that needs to be corrected, but there is simply no money for the purchase of an implant from the girl’s parents. The operation at the Amosov Institute is done free of charge; you only need to purchase the occluder itself (intracardiac implant) so that the child can live! Parents of the girl appeal to you with a huge request to support the project of their daughter! 

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000 027 022 UAH

Help buy antibiotics that save babies

Kiev. Started 18.4.2019

Tiny corpses, wrapped in drops and surrounded by monitors, the least weighing several hundred grams. Their life entirely depends on life support devices, because they often do not breathe and feed themselves only through a probe. It is exactly this way that every day in the intensive care unit of the Institute of Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ukraine, dozens of children, who are simply not lucky enough to be born healthy, have a chance to have a full-fledged childhood. Every month at the institute there are 150 infants with developmental defects, 40 of them fall into resuscitation, 15 – with a critically small weight of 500-700 grams. Such children often develop complications after surgery, viral or bacterial infections. Only those who are expensive with antibiotics can control. 

Сплатити Need 50 000 UAH
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000 042 098 UAH

Buy breath for Yana

Lutsk. Started 15.1.2019

Yana is a 26-year-old young girl who dreams of walking and living without dyspnea. Yana dreams about her own family with children and feels like everyone else. But this is not possible. Since birth Yana suffers from a disease, so she struggles with her illness throughout her life. She has an inferior heart disease that has led to pulmonary hypertension. Pulmonary hypertension is a rare, incurable progressive disease that prevents a young girl from fully walking, moving, and even breathing. 

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000 119 424 UAH

Priceless lives!

Odessa. Started 31.5.2018

Due to limited funding, the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery (CVS) of Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital is in desperate need of help. The smallest, newborn babies with heart problems often get to the department. For children, excessive blood loss during surgical intervention is extremely dangerous and poses a threat not only to health but even to life.

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000 173 418 UAH

Ania dreams of the first step

Odessa region. Started 22.3.2019

Mom found out that there was something wrong with Anya when she was 3 months old: the girl had a squint, the child became sluggish and passive. Then the neurologist reassured: they say, all children are different, you have to go through several massage courses, and everything will change. However, there were no changes. According to the findings of the doctors, the girl was healthy. 

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000 001 041 UAH