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Help recover from injury!

Odessa region. Started 21.2.2019

Yura Bocharnikov was 16 years old when his life turned upside down. As a result of an unsuccessful jump on the beach trampoline in August 2016, the guy received a closed spinal cord trauma, spinal injury, a fracture and dislocation of the cervical vertebrae. Yura spent four months lying motionless in the neurosurgery department of the Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital. He was treated with skeletal traction, received anti-decubitus therapy and he really wanted to go home. 

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Help this family fight cancer!

Odessa region. Started 26.2.2019

Dear donors! In the Nikolov family, it has been happening two misfortunes simultaneous. Sasha is the son of Irina, he is her adult special child with disabilities, on 20.12.2018 got into intensive care with swelling of the brain. And the day before (19.12.18) for Irina’s husband Igor made a terrible diagnosis: a malignant tumor of the mediastinal. A woman in despair. All her life she has been fighting for the life of her son and now she needs to save both – her son and husband. 

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How is it to hear?

Kherson. Started 28.2.2019

"Hello! My name is Tolia, and I am 10 years old. Let’s meet! Tell about what you like? Music? What is "music"? Communicate with friends? This is when two people can talk and hear each other? And I have never heard the voice of my friends. Moreover, I did not know that people can speak and hear at all. Because my diagnosis is tiredness. And many other diseases, possibly related to the first diagnosis, and perhaps not, I do not know. Life has deprived me of full value but still gives me a chance to get closer to it. And I really hope that you will support me in this...". 

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Be healthy like a sister! 2

Odessa region. Started 4.2.2019

Dear donors, you have already helped Maksym Danilov to raise money for rehabilitation. The child received necessary treatment in Victoria Rehabilitation Center (Boryspil), thanks to your help. Let us recall, Maksym and Ania are twins, they were born by caesarean section almost simultaneously, with a difference of just one minute, which, unfortunately, turned out to be critical for Maksym. Ania was born healthy, Maxym, unfortunately, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, spastic diplegia. He did not hold his head and could not sit and stand for a long time. When he was 2.5 years, a paralytic dislocation of the right hip and subluxation of the left hip were added to the diagnoses. The child underwent three operations to reduce and fix the heads of femurs on both joints. 

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Ania dreams of the first step

Odessa region. Started 22.3.2019

Mom found out that there was something wrong with Anya when she was 3 months old: the girl had a squint, the child became sluggish and passive. Then the neurologist reassured: they say, all children are different, you have to go through several massage courses, and everything will change. However, there were no changes. According to the findings of the doctors, the girl was healthy. 

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Three severe diseases for one child. 5

Mykolaiv. Started 3.7.2018

How can one live when most of the internal organs work on the verge of failure and may fail you completely? How strong must be the human will to wake up every day and overcome everything again and again? We, as onlookers, will never really understand that. We can only help. Now Nastya’s lungs breathe with great difficulty, and an oxygen apparatus is required to support her. Also, her organism is emaciated, and special high-calorie nutrition is needed. To assimilate it, Nastya needs insulin, because she also has diabetes… She struggles with all her might, but she needs help!

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Diapers for children with disabilities. 2019

Odessa region. Started 27.11.2018

Dear donors! Everyone who faced with the problem of child disability is familiar with the feeling of fear and helplessness before this grief. A handicapped child is a child, whose pain and experience of existence cannot be expressed in words or comparisons. Also, moms and dads, in families where children with disabilities grow up, in spite of any difficulties, every day, make their parental feat. They don’t only accept their children as they are, but often try to show people that such children are also happiness. 

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Health as a gift!

Odessa. Started 11.3.2019

Dear Donors! A disaster occurred in the Revkovs family. The mother Maryna was diagnosed with invasive ductal breast cancer. The woman bravely struggles with this oncologic disease for a year and a half. In November 2017 she had a radical mastectomy, the left breast was removed and 4 courses of chemotherapy were administered. Everything was good for some time and it seemed that the disease was stopped. However, in three months the doctors found out metastases in lungs and liver.

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Dima, we will never give up! 2

Kherson region. Started 14.3.2019

"Dmitro, son! I love you so much, I'm waiting for you!". So every morning Anna's mother stroked her tummy and spoke to her unborn son. At 27 weeks weighing 1230 grams and a height of 35 cm - Dmitry prematurely appeared in the world. Mom felt a sudden abdominal pain. Frightened, she quickly went to the doctor, where she began to take over. The doctors tried to restrain their childbirth so that they could get pregnant in Kherson, but it was all in vain ... The boy got a cuvette in the form of a cuvette in a resuscitation without mother's hands and her warmth for a long 10 months of her little life.

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To return the opportunity to walk! 5

Odessa. Started 22.8.2018

You already know Kristina Buivol. This summer she has improved greatly. Very good results have been obtained just for several months. There can be nothing more heartwarming for the parents to see their child making progress. “Mom, today I stood by myself for several minutes, I made a couple of steps, kept balance and was walking with a stick!” These words of Kristina are good news for the parents after she stays in a wheelchair for 4 years! Now her eyes shine and she wants to live! She became more persevering and self-assured – now she is a quite another person. 

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