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Save Davyd. 3

Kiev. Started 30.1.2019

The body of this boy binds the disease, which does not allow him to freely move, walk and be healthy. Cerebral palsy. She struck the body of Davyd in the first second of his birth. The diagnosis stunned the baby's parents but did not break them. Now Davyd is almost 8 years old, and their struggle for the healthy childhood of his son continues. 

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000 007 565 UAH

Andrii was tired with pain. 2

Kiev. Started 23.1.2019

Andriiko is a desirable and long-awaited child in the of Yezerski family. He was born and grew up in love and caring. Suddenly in 3 months, the neurologist knocks the ground out from under his feet: a suspicion of cerebral palsy. Since then, the habitual and simple things for many children for Andrii the result of trials, pain, numerous rehabilitation, and titanic efforts. Swift childbirth in his mother, and here he appears on the world for 7 months of mother's pregnancy. Weighing just 2 kilograms... The child is immediately taken to resuscitation. For several days he himself did not even breathe, instead of his mother's arms – an incubation apparatus, and instead of milk – mixtures through the probe. But in a month Andrii is prescribed, and his mother was encouraged: he will cope. 

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000 015 388 UAH

Ocean of life of Anna and Olexandr

Kiev region. Started 5.3.2019

The happiness and joy, the dream of all parents are to have healthy kids. The circumstances weren’t favorable for the Petlenkiv family. Their dream was not entirely come true and they have to ask kind people for help to treat their two children: 3-year-old Anyuta and 5-year-old Sashko have lots of complex diagnoses. 

Сплатити Need 25 000 UAH
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000 018 265 UAH

Battle with an invisible enemy. 2

Kiev. Started 14.12.2018

For a long time, the doctors could not understand why this girl is still not walking, not talking, crying and did not show any interest in the world. Her eyes somehow began to look askance, she started having severe salivation, her body from time to time started to shake... 

Сплатити Need 40 000 UAH
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000 024 404 UAH

Let death wait!

Kiev. Started 5.3.2019

Even doctors call her the resistant Tin Soldier. Three months ago, we were telling a story about the striking struggle of an extremely strong woman – against death. Breast cancer stage 4 will be had to put the point – Iryna was almost blind in one eye, and metastases hit her head, lungs, bones, and muscles. However, neither a disappointing prediction, nor a lack of money, nor a betrayal of a husband who left at the most difficult moment, nor a sick mother, who also needs care – all this did not break her.

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000 125 365 UAH

Go to childhood

Kiev region. Started 6.3.2019

Eva got its name, it means "life" and "breath." She was born prematurely and long fought for life. But the consequences of the disease caused complications – Eva could not even eat on her own. Her mother did not give up and every day she practiced rehabilitation exercises with her daughter. And now the girl needs to undergo a rehabilitation course to begin to sit and move, but the family does not have the opportunity to purchase a ticket, so they ask for help. 

Сплатити Need 12 940 UAH
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000 002 139 UAH

Naughty legs of little Andryusha

Kiev. Started 12.3.2019

The son of the ATO participant Andrii Fikert needs our support, that’s why his mother needs a helping shoulder. The boy has lots of defects – symptomatic epilepsy, MR symptoms of closed lip based in the right hemisphere, generalized tonic-clonic seizures, double clubfoot on both feet.
His father who took part in warfare left the family when finding out Andrii’s illness; he doesn’t take an interest in a child’s fate and doesn’t give any support. 

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000 003 179 UAH

Tablets for babies. 3

Kiev. Started 26.2.2019

There are no such parents who, in dreams or fantasies, would imagine how a child with a disability is born in their family. Of course, they don’t dream of such a thing, they exclude such a possibility with horror. But it happened. Suddenly, unexpectedly, lightning-fast life turns by the side, which many do not realize. The disease does not ask when and what family it can come to. And the life of parents is forced to synchronize with the rhythm of children's illness, rehabilitation, surgeries, medication. Imagine how much strength you need to take care of a healthy child, multiply this by one hundred, and you will understand what feel the family with a person with special needs. 

Сплатити Need 6 365 UAH
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000 004 817 UAH

A stroke is not a sentence!

Zaporizhia region. Started 15.3.2019

Kiriusha is a merry boy, who fights for every day of his life. Due to multiple congenital defects (gastrointestinal tract, urinary system) and a sudden stroke his life differs from the life of most of his peers. All Kiriusha’s life is a painstaking everyday fight. Kiriusha, who is just 10 years old, has had more than 20 operations since his birth. What is the most important is that he has not lost his childish immediacy and infinite love for the outside world in his endless fight against a disease. 

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000 005 326 UAH

Surviving boy

Kiev. Started 23.1.2019

In early March last year, near the station "Troieshchyna-2", drivers of the Kiev city electric train picked up a child without consciousness. It was a boy with serious injuries. They called for an emergency ambulance, which took the child to the hospital where the boy was operated. Then it turned out that it was 11-year-old Danylo Bartosh, who was returning home from school. For 10 months doctors have been struggling for his life. He is alive but in a difficult condition. The child needs a long-term rehabilitation and medical support. 

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