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Help to feed orphans. April 2019

Kiev. Started 9.1.2019

They were terribly beaten, raped, mocked. Some people stayed in the same room with the mother’s dead body for a long time, some could not eat for weeks, some wandered and became homeless due to problems. All these children have been collected for 11 years by the Help Center “Home of Happy Children” – a charitable foundation that exists on our donations. Room rent, utilities, food, holidays - this is already 4 years that UBB benefactors have been helping to pay. Without your support and There would be no faith in this project, there would be no hope in the eyes of 35 children, smiles and future. 

Сплатити Need 79 000 UAH
Still needed
000 021 345 UAH

He saves the nation, she fights for life

Kiev. Started 15.1.2019

2 bone marrow transplants, a lot of chemistry, weeks of high temperature, fainting, muscle atrophy – all this has been experienced by Irina for the last year, the wife of the ATO warrior, she has been struggling with aplastic anemia of severe degree for more than 10 long years. He fights freedom for each of us, but can not win the health of his wife. 

Сплатити Need 70 000 UAH
Still needed
000 058 849 UAH

Reeds for seriously ill people. 2

Kiev. Started 5.12.2018

Help us buy reeds (sticks), elbow crutches and walkers to older people. Imagine how tomorrow those who for years have been isolated in 4 walls and have not seen the “white light” will be able to move freely with their housing, go out to buy food, medicines, and medical facilities. These people will not only improve their living conditions but also rehabilitate and recuperate, lose their isolation and feeling rejected by society, find new friends!

Сплатити Need 18 243 UAH
Still needed
000 008 655 UAH

Life at fingertips. 2

Kiev. Started 11.1.2019

From the first moment of dating, he will put you a dozen questions. When you see Gosha, our ward of a boarding school, you want to smile. He likes to draw, and when he paints, he sings songs. Gosha walking on his fingers. He has cerebral palsy, spastic paraparesis with moving violations. He can not stand without support because "flood" to the side. He is fully capable to learn to walk fully. And he's very dreamed about it. But he needs constant intensive rehabilitation, namely 3-4 times a year for ten days. 

Сплатити Need 16 400 UAH
Still needed
000 008 830 UAH

Healthy Artemii's future!

Kiev. Started 9.8.2018

A family with many children from Kiev asked Foundation "New wave 3000" to help to undergo a necessary course of rehabilitation for Ulanov Artemii. He has infantile cerebral paralysis: spastic diplegia. From his birth, he must fight for his life. 18 days the boy fought for his life at the resuscitation department and won. But difficult consequences of illness did not force long to wait for it. Doctors diagnosed him with a hard and painful diagnosis of infantile cerebral paralysis.

Сплатити Need 25 200 UAH
Still needed
000 009 778 UAH

Peace of mind for a year

Kiev. Started 19.11.2018

When your life literally depends on the medical equipment, you begin to be glad about strange things. And instead of toys, you ask hoses to an inhaler, for example, or filters to the oxygen apparatus for a gift. And everything is simple with this: if you do not replace these things in time, you can be left without help at a critical moment, go to the hospital, or even lose part of your lungs forever... lose the ability to breathe. And then neither toys nor candies are sweet, then a holiday is not a holiday. We want our most "difficult" persons under care be sure that vital "little things" for next year are purchased for them. 

Сплатити Need 23 400 UAH
Still needed
000 011 945 UAH

Galyna dreams of walking. 2

Kiev. Started 16.1.2019

Galya was born very tiny – weighing 1 600 grams. And everything from the first moment of life fought desperately for him. Immediately from the hospital room – to the resuscitation, and from there – to the children's home. Galyna has a cerebral palsy, which does not allow the girl to feel free. Independently, the girl can not master his body, which suffers from stress. There is no help from anyone – Galia is growing up at a boarding school. 

Сплатити Need 13 900 UAH
Still needed
000 013 390 UAH

An orphan with a big heart. 2

Kiev. Started 17.1.2019

He dreams of becoming an athlete above all else. Though for him any physical activity is not a simple matter... The hands on the feet of the guy diminish the tension, the muscles do not grow, and the bones of the skeleton grow. This is the cause of the daily unbearable pain of the boy. Good, sensitive, gentle boy Misha – a nurse at a boarding school. He has cerebral palsy and spastic diplegia. Misha loves sports, he throws a spear, pushes the kernel. It is physical achievements that he wants to prove to everyone and himself that he is healthy. 

Сплатити Need 13 900 UAH
Still needed
000 013 900 UAH

Help the home for orphans. 3

Kiev. Started 21.12.2018

Children are the greatest value. But unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this. Children "from the street", children who have fallen into difficult circumstances and survived the tragedy get to the Help Center "Home of Happy Children". Children who were simply abandoned by their parents, children who need our warmth. They get to the Center physically weakened, with various chronic diseases and with psychological traumas. For the "rescue" and the rehabilitation of such a baby is an extremely important house in which he lives, a warm and cozy home. 

Сплатити Need 33 740 UAH
Still needed
000 015 750 UAH

Help the babe to speak! 4

Kiev. Started 23.8.2018

Until the year Angelinka was like the other healthy babies. She ran, played with friends, talked and pleased parents. But suddenly everything changed. It happened like a bolt from the blue. Angelina stopped talking, withdrew into herself, did not sleep at night. The first thing parents thought, the girl suddenly lost her hearing. But the problem turned out to be more serious: Angelina has autism. 

Сплатити Need 32 000 UAH
Still needed
000 016 090 UAH